Thursday, May 21, 2009

More Than A Man (Decisions)

I made a decision...Despite all of the things that we go through, Im gonna take more time with you and be the friend you need. I made a decision that everything's gonna be alright, gonna stay strong and keep it tight, I'll be there indeed.

More than anything, you need me, I need you, we need each other. I won't promise to catch you every time you fall because those who don't hear must feel but I will always be there to pick you up and dust you off. I, more than anyone, understand how important good friends are and don't think for a second that I've turned my back on friendship and abandoned you, you just need to walk this path on your own because I can't follow you (more like carry you) anymore. If I didn't think you were more than capable of taking care of this yourself, we wouldn't be here right now. You'll be fine, maybe not for a while, but you will be. Make me proud.

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