Sunday, March 29, 2009

Everything is young, fresh and new (written January 1, 2009)

My timing couldn't be better. As a new year arrives, I've already been trimming the fat since Boxing Day. Anything and anyone that does not directly benefit me or prove themselves an asset has got to go. It's a new day and I'm not for the bullshit, if you have no reason to be around or you no longer serve a purpose, your end of days is rapidly approaching. I've stopped providing second chances, no more exceptions, if I'm not going to take any redo's then I have to stop giving them out too. I am not a man who has anything that I can't leave at baggage claim and I'm not a bellboy...I'm not carrying your shit either. It is so refreshing to start...well...fresh. My personal life is zestfully clean in this bitch and I fully intend to keep it that way and as uncomplicated as possible. I've cut ties with everything and everyone that even remotely reminds me of what I think was a very unproductive 2008 where I didn't make the strides I wanted to make and moved backwards more than I went forward. So start running with me or get run over.
Retrospect For Life (written December 31, 2008)

Right before I began putting pen to pad and started scribing the final piece I'll write in 2008, I broke one of my unwritten rules. I flipped back through the pages of my notebook and read what I wrote 366 days ago. It is a huge departure for me but I think before I can reflect on what 2008 was to me, I need to remind myself of what I expected it to be and more importantly, what I was hoping it would be. All that stability I was yearning for didn't last. That beautiful woman that was the foundation of that stable new year was gone before the spring came and my house of cards came tumbling down shortly after. Like I suspected, I was working with an entirely new team (in an entirely different province) by May and by the end of Summer, actively looking for new employment. In the end, I've come to appreciate the turbulence that is my life because everything that has happened in the past 366 days happened for a reason and I'm in a better position right now than I ever was at any point in the past. Hardship is simply life's way of seeing what you are made of. I've stated this many times over and proved just as many times over that I am a man, not a mouse