Monday, May 04, 2009

Cuts for luck, Scars for freedom

I never put much thought into my luck. It's never been particularly good or bad because I've never won the lottery or been struck by lightning (the only true barometers of good and bad luck :)). However, after my 10th flat tire in 6 years (5 in the past 2 years), I think maybe my luck kinda sucks after all. I don't think you can really prevent nails, screws and the other random crap out there from getting stuck in your radial but they seem drawn to me and whatever car I'm piloting at the time. So to combat the bad spirits and omens, I have enlisted the power of a good luck charm. Okay, so it's nothing more than the bolt that they removed from this latest flat tire but I'm hoping it can change my fortune at least a lil bit.

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